Posted by: orabalais | May 28, 2010

The Countdown

After discussing this with Bridget, Angie, and Katie, I decided I needed some way for everyone to keep up with my study abroad in Italy.  Hopefully I’ll keep everything current with things like where I go, what I do, delicious foods I eat, and the awesome people I meet.  And photos of everything.  As of now I have almost exactly three day left until I’m off to Rome.



  1. Wooh! First comment! 😀

    • haha, I didn’t realize I moderate the comments, so this was sitting and waiting to be aproved. I wonder if I can change that…

      • Hahaha! Yeah, you can has power of teh Mod, now. But remember: w/teh Banhammer, comes great power and great responsibility!

        Anyway, so long and thanks for all the fish! Have a great trip!!!

      • So, made it oK?

  2. Ciao!! I can’t wait to read this, I hope you have a safe flight!!

  3. oh and thanks for adding me to your links! haha how do you do that?

    • Allyson – when you’re looking at someone’s blog, open the tab at the top that says “Blog Info” and choose the option “add to blog roll”

  4. Ahhh, it’s 9:30 here in Barcelona…which means it’s 2:30 in Houston which means you should be leaving soon!

  5. Where’s the blog?

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