Posted by: orabalais | June 17, 2010

Week 2, Part 1

Alright, sorry for the wait.  The librarians will only let us use this one computer in the school and it’s absolutely ancient.  So let’s see.  Monday the 8th started in a rather humorous way.  I have to take the tram to school and it’s usually pretty crowded.  Today I ended up standing between my friend Shelby and some random guy.  Now this guy was standing really close, which was awkward, so as soon as there was space I moved to stand across from Shelby.  In the mean time, this guy takes this as a chance to stand close to Shelby.  From where I was standing, it looked like he practically had his arm around her.  We’ve decided there’s really only one way to describe the guys here, and that is “sleazy.” After class, a few of us went shopping and found an H&M on Via del Corso.  It was rather fantastic and was four or five stories tall.  Then we went to see the Caravaggio exhibit.  We waited in line for two hours, but it wasn’t too bad since we were in the shade the whole time.  This is exhibit collected as many works as possible by Caravaggio, which was almost all of them, and showcased them all together for the first time.  It was amazing.  All of his paintings were so beautiful.

No photos for today, so here's a picture of Shelby

Tuesday we went to see the Ara Pacis, which is really pretty.  Apparently there was a lot of Roman outrage on the fact that a monument from the Augustan period was placed in a very modern looking museum, but I think it works.  It lets a lot of light in.

Wednesday we went to two churches for our Italian culture class.  One of them, San Clemente, is built on top of a 6th century church, which was built on top of a 1st century Roman apartment.  It was so cool since we got to go through all three parts.

A beautiful organ in Ss Cosma and Damiano, the other church we visited

We weren't supposed to take photos, but it looked like the triforce from Zelda

Also, I had to buy this amazingly cute red dress on our way back.  Hopefully there will be a photo of me wearing it later on.

Thursday was really busy.  We went to three churches for culture class, one of them, Santa Maria Maggiore, is one of the three great Roman basilicas. It was fantastic and absolutely gorgeous.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Part of the cieling, just cause it was pretty

We stopped in a market on our way back and I found an awesome pair of faux-Armani sunglasses for cheap.  After Italian class was a big dinner with all the students and their host families.  It was surprisingly fun.  The food was yummy, I wore my new dress, and we all got two drinks on the house.  I must say, Brandy Alexander’s are quite delicious.  After the dinner, some of us decided it would be fun to walk over to the Coliseum and Roman Forum to see them at night.  It was very beautiful, especially because they light it so well.

Ok, I have class now, I’ll try and get the next half up soon.



  1. Omg, so, this is totally UNRELATED to your post, but: your sister just called me on your phone and I was all, ‘WHAT?!’ because I got excited and thought it was you and that you were back early.

    Mostly because I’m bored that way.


    Anyway …


  2. Oh, yeah, also – I’m going to watch an awesomesauce movie w/your sister on Tuesday. Ha! 😀

    • I’d say I’m sad about missing that, but at the same time, I’m in Rome.

  3. I really enjoyed your clothes-purchase update. I want to see this red dressss!

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