Posted by: orabalais | June 30, 2010

Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri

On Friday we left for Sorrento.  I had to wake up pretty early since the Stazioni Termini is pretty far from my house, but then we were really early and ended up just waiting around.  The bus ride was pretty boring, but the bus driver was a total jerk and wouldn’t let us eat on the bus.
Our first stop was Pompeii, and the first thing we did was eat lunch.  I should have brought food or something, because the food there was ridiculously expensive.  The restaurant was also terrible about cleaning off the tables.  Pompeii itself was fabulous.  We had a tour guide who took us around.  Walking through the baths, I was reminded again of how genius the Romans were.  In the hot bath and steam room, the ceiling was carved with grooves so the water would slide down the walls instead of dripping. 

A road in Pompeii

We also got to go in a house that wasn’t open in previous years.  It was so cool to be able to see how decoratively they painted the walls.  There were lots of dogs running around.  I made friends with one and kind of wanted to keep it, but then when I stopped petting it, it just walked away.  I think he was using me. 

Some Roman tiling I would want in my house

 We drove to Sorrento from Pompeii.  The entire bus ride was a game of trying to get a perfect landscape shot out the window of the moving bus.  Our hotel was really pretty, and our room even had a balcony.  It was also only just around the corner from a beach.  We went walking around and ended up climbing a hill to the centro.  There we went to a salumeria and bought some wine for the evening. 

The view from our walk to the centro of Sorrento

We had dinner at a little restaurant with a deck over the water.  We made the mistake of ordering separate dishes and ended up with way too much food.  I ordered mixed fried fish as my main course, I didn’t realize it would be entire fish.  Not just the meat, or even the main body, but with the head and tail still attached.  It kind of freaked me out.

My scary dinner that I ate anyway

After dinner we had cookies and wine (which was suprisingly tasty for not being expensive) and then went to hang out on the beach.  We drew in the sand for a while, Elin drew a skull and Shelby drew a skull.  It was probably around then we decided to start a band that would be a death metal – reggae fusion.  Shelby will play the bagpipes and our band will be called The Cardigans. 

A few of us in Sorrento

On Saturday we caught the ferry to Capri, which is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been.  A woman actually fell in while boarding the ship, but they pulled her out and she was ok.  We thought about renting a boat in Capri, but decided instead to just hang out in the town and on the beaches. 

The fantastic beaches in Capri

We hung at this beach for a while, just to get some sun.  It was a pretty hot day, but the water was pretty chilly.  Also, the beaches there were pebble beaches.  This one had some sand, but the other ones we went to were all stone.

Me at the beach

We thought we would take a leisurely stroll around the town, but the walk to the centro was more of a hike.  We kept expecting to turn a corner and we would be there, but it just went on and on.  But the view from the top was fantastic and totally worth it.  Instead of buying overpriced pizza or panini, we decided to find a market and buy lunch there.  We ended up with chocolate milk, some loaves of bread, cheese, and tomatoes.  Which I actually volunteered to eat.  We ran into our friend Brianna after lunch who had heard from a few other students about a free private beach.  So we went exploring and found it.  It was absolutely beautiful and we spent the rest of the afternoon there swimming, sunning, and looking for seashells.

Our secret beach

Some sailboats that went out later in the day

 After that was just the ferry boat back to Sorrento.  We decided that since we splurged a bit the night before, we would just find some pizza for dinner and then eat gelato afterwards. We wandered about the centro a bit before heading back to the hotel and the beach. On the way we passed by this security guard/police officer who was so creepy! He asked us our names, where we were going, where we were staying, and all that.  Then he told us that he lives in Pompeii and would give us a tour when he finished his shift at 2 am.  We basically ran back to the hotel room after that.  Later on we walked down to the beach to hang out with some other students, but then a storm came up and we had to head back. 

We stopped in Naples on our way back to Rome to see a museum there.  It was very large and confusing, but had so many fantastic paintings.  We saw plenty of Rafaels, Caravaggios, and so many others that I can’t even remember the names of. 

Sorry about the weird light, but that was the museum, it went on forever

On the bus ride back to Rome, Antonio, one of the kids travelling with one of my professors, was telling me my fortune.  Apparently there will be a World War III, I’m going to get drafted, but as a FBI secret agent.  I’ll be sent to steal important works of art from Russia (somehow the Mona Lisa ended up there) but will go rogue.  Using all the top secret info I’ve gathered in the field, I will set up a rebel colony somewhere underground.  I think my future sounds pretty cool.



  1. The beaches look so beautiful!! Wish I could go somewhere like that here in Houston, haha

    • I know, I’m going to Galveston with some UT people and I’m going to miss Italy’s beautiful beaches. The Gulf just doesn’t compare

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