Posted by: orabalais | June 30, 2010

The Sistine Chapel, 4 1/2 inch Heels, and the other St. Peter’s

Monday started out pretty normally. Classes were boring, but I went on an optional field trip to St. Peter’s in Montorio.  It’s the legendary site of St. Peter’s death.  I think it sounds more than a bit made up since it’s on a hill exactly between the two pyramids of Rome.  When we arrived there was a wedding going on and we had to wait, but that was ok since then the interior of the church was decorated wonderfully.  The organist and singer for the wedding were still there and were performing the entire time we were touring the church.  It lent us a wonderful atmosphere.

St. Peter's Chapel, all perfectly proportioned and mathematically perfect

The church, with its wedding decorations

Tuesday we had to give a presentation in class. I just talked about my etiquette lesson from Beatrice and how I’ve been having to try everything she cooks ever since.  For my culture class, we went to the Vatican Museums.  And since I am so obviously cursed with bad luck and worse common sense, my camera batteries died as soon as I walked in the door.  But it was still really exciting, and I got to see so many works that I have only seen photos of: the Laocoon, Raphael’s Salas, the Sistine Chapel.  My teacher assigned one of his kids to me to keep an eye on, so I spent most of the time explaining stuff to him.  Of course, then the kid would walk up to my professor and ask really insightful questions using what I had just told him.  There was a Rafael I saw (possibly his Resurrection?) that I really liked.  It was in chiaruscurro style that seemed very unusualy for him but I thought it lent the work so much more drama and intensity.


On Wednesday we went to the Villa di Farnesina  which was suprisingly close to where I live. Everything was very ornate and decorative, you could tell the owner was just showing off.  We had an exam in Italian, and went shopping afterwards as a reward.  Our number one stop was a shoe store near the Trevi Fountain where another student had found some fantastic shoes for cheap.  I ended up buying a pair of black wedges that are over 4 in tall.  They’re rather fantastic.  I almost didn’t get them, but wedges are so fashionable here that I’ve really been wanting a pair.  After that we headed back to Via del Corso.  We followed some signs and found what appeared to be the Italian equivalent of a Hot Topic.  Seeing as my friends and I were all gothic at some point, we had to go in.  What was weird though  was how the two guys working it were both middle aged and wearing normal clothing.   
I got up early on Thursday to go to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva before class.  I was trying to go the mass, but I had so much trouble finding it. Eventually I found it, hidden away in one of the side transepts.  The entire group consisted of three priests, two deacons, three nuns, four worshippers, and me.  It all felt a little bit awkward.  After that I walked around to take some photos since it is the only truely Gothic church in Rome.

Such a pretty blue

The knave and altar

We headed back to Via del Corso so Shelby could buy some shoes she had seen the day before.  She even managed to get them for 40 euro cheaper than the price the guy gave her.  We stopped by H&M and the dress I had been wanting was back (thank you Elin for finding it because I never would have).  It’s really cute and all stripey.  We stopped at an enoteca to cool down for a bit and eat some snacks, but it was too expensive to eat much so we ended up getting gelato at our favorite gelateria. Other than that, I just packed up for our trip to Venice.


  1. The Giraffe is my favorite part, haha. Also! Can’t wait until your back and we can compare dresses from H&M!

  2. Too bad about the camera 😦 at least I have my memories!! And does this etiquette lesson mean you have been forced to try veggies? 😉

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