Posted by: orabalais | July 6, 2010

Going Home

Well, my time in Rome is over.  Or it will be in a few hours and I don’t have internet to let you all know.  Basic plan for the rest of the time I have left: final exam in 30 minutes, turn in 5 essays, eat food since I’m already starving and it’s only noon.  I’ll be done with classes! But I’ll still have to come back to the school.  We have a “spettacolo” to put on, which is mostly where we take turns narrating while a few students act out a story.  Our host families are invited, even though its probably going to be pretty lame.  I didn’t want to tell Beatrice not to come, since I think she would feel I didn’t want her there, so she’s coming.  I just worry about her since it’s kind of far from her house and she’s 78 and her leg is bad.  After the dress rehearsal (even though we don’t have costumes) and the play, the students have a dinner with our professors.  It should be fun, and the food should be good.  Then the plan is up in the air.  We can’t decide whether it owuld be better to leave for the airport after dinner (around midnight) and just sleep in the airport until our flight at 7, or go home, nap for a bit and then catch a cab at 3 in the morning.  So far we’re leaning towards the 3 in the morning.  And then its a ridiculously long flight before I’m back in Houston! See you all then!



  1. okay, so i’ve been keeping up with your blog and Italian adventures, but I just realized that I haven’t been commenting on ANY of your posts.
    you know I love you. you don’t need me to post comments. 😉
    we’re all super excited to see you this wednesday!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see you!!!

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